Welcome Mr. Michael Linklater!

The 66th Luther Invitational Basketball Tournament is proud to present Mr. Linklater as this year’s Special Guest. Born in Trenton, N.J. but growing up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Mr. Linklater has been involved with basketball all his life. Born with knock-knees, he managed to overcome this adversity through a love of running. Sometimes referred to in high school as “Forrest Gump”, Mr. Linklater has played basketball for numerous university teams, professionally (Edmonton Energy), and is currently a member of Team Canada’s 3x3 basketball team.

Mr. Linklater has been playing basketball for over 20 years. Over that time, he has been a member of the basketball teams at Bismarck State College, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and the University of Saskatchewan where he, as captain, led the Huskies basketball team to its first ever national championship. His coaches claim while his success was due in part to his refusal to quit, his leadership is and has always been his biggest strength. Mr. Linklater is now looking to pass on those skills to the next generation. Recently, he has been working to form a basketball group called Prime Basketball, with the goal of teaching participants to be contributors to any team they are a part of by increasing their understanding of the importance of working together.
Since 2011, Mr. Linklater has been working as a dream broker for Sask Sport Inc., a position that allows him to work with inner-city youth and aims to have them become healthy, active and successful members of their community. He also regularly gives motivational speeches to youth sharing his story and teaching them the importance of culture, confidence and living a respectable lifestyle. Having dealt with racism on and off the court, Mr. Linklater strives to help youth be proud of their identity and cultural background.

Mr. Linklater is currently part of the 3x3 Saskatoon Men’s which are ranked 15th internationally according to FIBA.com. Mr. Linklater, sitting individually at the 50th rank, was Canada’s top player for several years running. Despite all his successes, Mr. Linklater states that his children are his biggest accomplishment. However, Mr. Linklater still has one more goal in his life: He wants to go back to school and get his Master’s Degree in Native Studies so he can continue to educate others about his culture. For young people playing sports, or in any other area of life, Linklater has this advice: “Follow your dreams and believe in yourself. When you set a goal, don't let someone tell you that you can't do it. It's up to you to make it a reality, no one is going to do it for you.”

LIT is very excited to host Mr. Linklater as this year’s Special Guest, and would like to thank him for attending.