Day 1 Recap

With the passionate cries from the fans in the stands, which awakened and energized the souls of the players on the courts tonight, we are proud to say that day one of LIT was a huge success! In these heated games, ankles were crossed, baskets were dunked, and three pointers were made left and right, as some of the top teams in Canada played their hearts out on the court.

For the boys, the St. Paul Crusaders, Sisler Spartans, Cardston Cougars and Magrath Zeniths were today’s winners and have made it to the next level of the tournament, which is competing for the second and ultimately first place spots, which will be held this Saturday. For the girls tournament, the Campbell Tartans, Riffel Royals, Cardston Cougars, and Magrath Pandas have also made it to the second level and will also be competing against each other in the upcoming days.

We should also mention that the teams who didn’t qualify for first, second, third or fourth placings will be facing off against one another to determine their rankings.

Notable Players From Tonight

Eriyeza Buwembo (Campbell Tartans) - 26 points
Alexander Dewar (Marion Graham Falcons) - 25 points

Brooke Ducharme (Riffel Royals) - 27 points
Adi Strong (Magrath Zeniths) - 24 points

Story By: Winnie Charles (Media Committee)