Winnipeg Sisler Spartans

The Spartans from Sisler High School are here from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Last year, the Sisler Girls were conference finalists in the Winnipeg Tier One league; they are currently tied for second place. The team’s philosophy of leadership is this quote from John Wooden: “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.” Halle Ilagan serves as a leader for the Sisler girls. Physically, she is not the most intimidating player on the floor, standing at 4’11. However, she has a strong work ethic and a good understanding of the game. Her effort is relentless, and she makes things happen out of nothing. She is a good example of the saying, "Hard work pays off!" Halle Ilagan is the Grade 11 starting point guard, has been selected as Tournament MVP at the J.H. Bruns Invitational, and was a tournament All-Star at the Pembina Trails Bison Classic. The Sisler Spartans were tournament champions at the J. H Bruns Bronco Invitational and placed 8th at the Pembina Trails Bison Classic. The team’s philosophy of success is not defined by the amount of wins in a particular season, but what the players take away from the season. The hope is that the players are better people: better in managing their time, better at holding themselves accountable for their actions, and better at having higher expectation of themselves. If they are also better basketball players, that’s a bonus, too. Two of the exceptional players on the Sisler Girls Team are Aira Abello and Mikayla Desaulniers. Aira Abello is a Grade 10 starting guard and a member of the 2017 15U Provincial Team. She has been selected as a tournament all-star at both the J. H Bruns Bronco Invitational and Pembina Trails Bison Classic. She is also a member of the Manitoba Center of Performance Training Center and participates in volleyball and track and field. Mikayla Desaulniers is the lone returning grade 12 player, the team captain and a vocal leader. She is a tough competitor and a great example to the younger players on the team.