Regina Campbell Tartans

The Campbell Girls won every game they played last year, securing the number one spot
in their league that season. This year, the Campbell Tartans continue their success; they are
currently second in their league. The team’s philosophy of leadership is to fully put the success
of the team over individual achievements. Leaders are the hardest working players on the team
and hold others accountable to do that same. They are positive and motivating, especially in
challenging times. The Campbell Tartans team is comprised of many leaders. Shae McCusker is
a positive leader, often leading by example. She works hard, takes feedback and does what is
best for the team. Gabby Kukura loves the game of basketball and is always enthusiastic about
playing. She truly wants to win and tries to motivate her team to have the same attitude.
Madyson Hautz is a solid person and player who treats everyone on the team as a valued
member. She works extremely hard and stays calm under pressure. These three players
participated in the summer games last year on the Saskatchewan Provincial Basketball Team.
Another leader on the Campbell team is Meg Anderson who is a silent leader. She will
implement any feedback coaches have for her and is one of the hardest working and toughest
players on the court. The philosophy of this team’s success is to focus on the process rather than
results. They are committed to team goals and putting the team above themselves.