Regina Leboldus Golden Suns

The Golden Suns from Dr. Martin LeBoldus are currently first in their league after finishing second last year. The leadership philosophy of LeBoldus’ head coach, Garrett Kot, is to give the players the tools to become leaders themselves. Maren Tunison is an especially successful leader on the team; she always works hard and has a positive attitude towards competition. Many players from the LeBoldus team play for other teams as well. Ella Farthing was on the Canada Games team. Kelsey Starchuck and Callum Kraft are on the U16 Team. Jade Belmore, Maren Tunison and Hannah Jennings play on the U15 Team. The Golden Suns’ philosophy of success is prioritizing the commitment from players to the team and commitment to make themselves better for the team. The Leboldus Golden Suns placed third in the Mike Dea Tournament in Edmonton.