Regina Riffel Royals

The Riffel Royals are seventh in their league so far this year. Last season, the Royals from Michael A Riffel Catholic High School placed second in their league. The philosophy of success of the Riffel Girls is about the journey, the goals, the relationships and achieving potential. Success is the entire team putting in all they’ve got. There are only three questions when it comes to achieving success: Was there effort, intensity, and pride? Did you follow the game plan? Did you work together? The Royals were the champions of the O’Neill Classic this year. They were city finalists and placed fourth in provincials last year. The philosophy of leadership of the Riffel Girls is that a good leader develops relationships with the people they work with, recognizes strengths and weaknesses, and treats everybody fair but different as they are all unique learners. A good leader listens as much as they talk, makes sacrifices for the good of the group, and will support and encourage through thick and thin. A good leader "talks the talk and walks the walk". Some leaders of the team include grade 12’s Brooke Ducharme and Kristen Wilson. They encourage and challenge their teammates to rise to the occasion. Additionally, they lead by example on and off the basketball court as students and athletes. The grade 10 players will easily fall into leadership roles next year as their passion for the game is evident and contagious. Kennedy Hollinger, a grade 10 leader, was on the provincial team last summer and attended a Team Canada Identification Camp this past December. Look for her to drain 3’s, drive and dish, and break ankles with her handling skills. Brooke Ducharme is a graduating post player who dominates the boards and is a great shot blocker. Look for her to be the best defensive player.