LIT 65 Day 2 Recap

The second day of LIT 65 was just as exciting as the first with lots of great basketball during each game! The first game between the Kelowna Christian Knights and St. Joseph Guardians had many incredible plays that had the fans on their feet cheering. Cruz Anderson from the Knights was unstoppable at the start of the game. He had Kelowna’s first 12 points, which kept them in the lead for the game. Jackson Borne was back from his injury, which happened on the first day, and played strong. St. Joseph played a fast paced game, which they kept at until the very last minute. Owen Weiss from the Guardians had an amazing shot from three quarters down the court, which was unfortunately after the buzzer and was not counted. The Kelowna Christian Knights stayed in the lead until the end and won the game 91-80. They will be playing in the consolation final tomorrow at 1:30 pm. Game two was the Luther Lions against the Garden City Gophers. The game was very close right up until the last quarter. The game was tied at half, with Andrew Vanderhooft and Cole Penner being the high scorers from each team, both with 12 points. Luckily Carter Shewchuk was back from his calf injury, which occurred during him game yesterday. Both teams played very well, but the Gophers pulled ahead during the last quarter and won the game 82-74. The third game was between the Sir Winston Churchill Bulldogs and the Sisler Spartans. This was also a very exciting game. The game was very close through all four quarters. The Bulldogs started to pull ahead after half, but Andrei Sansano from the Sisler Spartans brought Sisler back and led the team in an incredible win. The game ended 88-87 for Sisler, moving them onto the final tomorrow night. The second girl’s game of the tournament was a very exciting game! The Luther Lions were playing the Lumsden Angles for a spot in the final. Both teams played very well and fought hard until the end. The stands were full with lots of people cheering hard for their team. The Lumsden Angels were ahead the entire game, creating a comfortable gap in points for themselves. During the last six minutes Luther started to turn the game around and ended up bringing the score from a twenty point lead for the Angels down to just a six point lead. The game ended 61-56 for the Lumsden Angels who will be playing the Sisler Spartans in the final tomorrow. The last game of the night was the Campbell Tartans versus the Raymond Comets. It was a very eventful game, being pretty close the entire game. Both teams showed excellent skill all around, making it a very intense game of basketball. It was evident that both teams were giving it their all so that they could get a spot in the final tomorrow. In the fourth quarter the Raymond Comets gained a slight lead on the Campbell Tartans, which Campbell was not able to come back from. The Raymond Comets won the game 89-76, securing their spot in the final tomorrow, where they will play the Sisler Spartans. Overall, the day was very action packed with many great games of basketball. All of the teams played their hardest and put their all out on the court. Tomorrow will be very exciting with all of the final games for both the girl’s and boy’s side of the tournament. Come down the Luther College High School tomorrow to catch these great games throughout the day!