Pre-LIT Recap

On Tuesday, January 12th, 2016, four Regina teams - the Sheldon Spartans, the LeBoldus Golden Suns, the Riffel Royals, and the Campbell Tartans - competed in hopes of claiming spots in the 64th Luther Invitational Tournament draw.
At 6:15, the first game of Pre-L.I.T. got underway at Luther College High School: The Sheldon Williams Spartans and the LeBoldus Golden Suns faced off. Although both teams played well, the Suns were in the lead at halftime with a score of 43 to 26. Despite some great plays and three-point shots for Sheldon, the LeBoldus team maintained their lead and finished the game with a score of 97 to 52. The top scorers of the game were Zach Shalley from Sheldon with 32 points and Carter Millar from LeBoldus with 21 points.
In the second game of the night, the Campbell Tartans took on the Riffel Royals. The Campbell Tartans put up a fight to take the lead at half time with a score of 55-46, and the team managed to keep that lead until the end, finishing with a final score of 101-61. The Campbell Tartans’ Luke Harold scored 16 points, and Tyrese Potoma scored 24 points; the Riffel Royals' Nolan Slusar scored 9 points and Jesse Ducharme scored 27 points to be the game’s highest scorer.
Luther College would like to thank the Sheldon Williams and Riffel teams and coaches for their participation and congratulate the LeBoldus Golden Suns and the Campbell Tartans on a great game. Best of luck to LeBoldus and Campbell at the 64th Luther Invitational Tournament from February 11-13!