L.I.T. Episode LXIV: Attack of the Senior Girls

The annual Luther Invitational Tournament has been a staple Luther tradition since it’s beginning in 1953. Thanks to the passion and creativity of Luther athletic director and basketball John Chomay, L.I.T. has developed into an important and beloved event at Luther College High School. This year will not only honour the traditions that have been founded and maintained throughout the years of the tournament, but will introduce a few new and exciting opportunities. For the first time ever, the Luther Lions will be hosting Senior Girl’s teams from Sheldon Williams Collegiate, Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School, and Miller Comprehensive High School as part of an extended girl’s tournament. This is an exciting opportunity for the Senior Girls and hopefully this side of the tournament will continue to develop in future years. With the expansion of the tournament, both the Merlis Belsher Heritage Centre and Semple Gymnasium will be used for games during the tournament. Old traditions will be honoured and new ones will be created this February at the Luther Invitational Tournament.