LIT 2015 - Day 2 Upcoming Events!

LIT Day 2 – Festivities
Article Courtesy of Megan Tran
And the tournament continues as day 2 of LIT begins! Starting the day off is the first game at 12:00 with the Evan Hardy Souls facing the St. Paul’s Crusaders. During this game, at halftime, will be a dance routine from the Charleston Dance Comp. Afterwards, at 2:00, Luther’s very own Lions will be going head to head with the Medicine Hat Mohawks. The fans will be treated to a very special performance from Luther’s own improv team! And fans better stick around because after that game, at 4:00, will be our 4th annual Senior Girls Challenge Cup! Started four years ago, Luther’s Senior Girl’s Basketball will again face a chosen female team from another school. This year the chosen school will be the Senior Girl’s Leboldus Golden Suns! Having lost to the Suns in a previous game, but only by a mere 3 points, it is safe to say that this game will be one you don’t want to miss! And to add to the fun atmosphere, the halftime show for the girl’s game will be the Lil' Angels Basketball Team.  
Following the girls game will be the 6:00 match, with the Garden City Gophers up against the Campbell Tartans! And once again the halftime show will be one you’ll want to watch! A gymnastics team will be coming in to perform a routine just for the fans! Finally, to round the day off, the last game will be the Leboldus Golden Suns to play against the LCI Rams! Playing at 8:00, this will be a game, like the others, you don’t want to miss! Luther’s very own barbershop will be performing for the spectators pleasure. But the day doesn’t end there! Right after the final game will be our traditional Social! Starting in the Semple Gym, we will be having entertainment filled fun with lip-sync battles and silly competitions for awesome prizes! And at 10:30, everyone will be moving into the Merlis Belsher Centre for a dance! Be sure to be there and have fun!