LIT 2015 - Day 1 Recap

Recapping the Day....The Roarding 20's and More!

The first day of 2015’s LIT began with the traditional pep rally at 11:30; this year the pep rally was hosted by Woody from Jack FM. The fun-filled pep rally helped introduce the teams competing this year and showcased our theme of the Roaring 20’s. Afterwards, the first game began at 1:30 between the Garden City Gophers, who came from Winnipeg and are also 2014’s LIT champions, and the Evan Hardy Souls from Saskatoon.  An exciting game that ended in a victory for the Gophers who won with a final score of 80-42 against the Souls. The day continued with the second game at 3:30, between the St. Paul Crusaders, also from Winnipeg, and Regina’s own, Campbell Tartans. A close match overall, though the team that came out with the win was Campbell, with a final score of 67-59. Following the Tartans would be Regina’s team, the Leboldus Golden Suns at 5:30. The Suns would prove themselves to be a worthy competitor as they won the third game of the day with a final score of 104-54 against Medicine Hat’s Mohawks. Finally the day came to a conclusion with the last game - Luther’s own Lions, playing against the LCI Rams from Lethbridge. While a close match, with a gym packed with cheering fans, the Lions lost to the Rams with a final score of 83-51 for LCI. No doubt a fantastic start to a great weekend; the Semple Gym is sure to be filled with fans that seem to have a never-ending amount of school spirit and players who are sure to showcase their talents at this year’s Luther Invitational Tournament. We hope to see you all there!