More Tid Bits


-  Today will be a cool day to watch LIT.  The final is particularly interesting.  The Riffel Royals have yet to win an LIT championship.  Could this be their first?  They have a tough opponent in Kelvin.  Kelvin has looked impressive all tournament.  

-  The gym is still to loud while teams are shooting foul shots.  Be courteous of other teams at the tournament.  I noticed the announcers at the games are becoming aware of the noise level and saying something which is good.

-  Be sure to check out Next Level Media’s highlight tapes at  I believe Day 1 and Day 2 are now up.  They look really good.

-  There have been too many technical fouls this year at LIT.  LIT is about sportsmanship.  Lets tone it down a bit, and just play some basketball.