First Impressions


  • Here are a few first impressions after the first two games of LIT today:
  • Belal Lahl led John Taylor’s stiff second-half defense to a Day 1 victory over Joe De Ciman and the LeBoldus Golden Suns. 
  • This was a great game that went right down to the wire.  A great way to start the 60th LIT.
  • It is great to walk into a high school gym in the middle of the afternoon and see a packed Luther gym.  The even better part is Luther hasn’t even come close to playing yet.  Great fan support thus far.  
  • Despite the wide spread of points in the second game between Cardston and Riffel, I really enjoy watching Cardston play.  I feel like they are a team that can explode for a massive amount of points at any given moment.  Don't count them out just yet.
  • Riffel’s height was the biggest eye opener to me.  Maybe it shocked me because I am just extremely short. 
  • I am greatly anticipating the Holy Cross vs Bishop Grandin game.  There is plenty of potential here for a great game.
  • I havent yet consumed the normal amount of concession items.  Sorry Mr. Graph for letting you down so far.  I'll make up for it, I swear.

What were some of your first impressions?  Let me know here, or via twitter