History in the Making

On Friday, girls basketball will be showcased for the first time at the Luther Invitational Tournament, where the Luther Lions will oppose the Moose Jaw Peacock Toilers in the Challenge Cup.  Leading up to the inaugural game, I spoke with Luther captain Megan Gilewich about what she anticipates.

Q:  For 59 straight years, Luther girls have been in the stands supporting the senior boys basketball team.  What will it be like to reverse roles for a game?

A:  It will be really exciting to reverse roles, and give us (girls) a chance to have the fame on the floor.  It’ll show girls basketball in a different light at LIT because usually we are the ones that plan it all.

Q:  How does it feel to go down in LIT history as the first-ever girls captain to play for the home team?

A:  It definitely feels like a lot of pressure.  At the same time it is really exciting because I want to bring the competition, but also show sportsmanship and leadership for my school.  I want to represent girls basketball as a whole.

Q:  Where do you see girls playing in LIT going from here?  Is a girls and guys LIT a reality in, let's say, 10 years?

A:  If there is a new gym, I definitely think girls and guys could have a dual LIT.  But if there is no new gym built, I don’t think there is enough time to get it all done in our old gym.  There aren't enough hours in a day without a new gym.

Q:  What will your team need to do to win the first-ever girls LIT championship?

A:  Really solid defence, score more baskets than the other team, and handle the crowd, because I know it will be a lot bigger than anyone on our team has ever experienced

I find it so cool that in 100 years there is the potential for kids attending Luther to have heard about Megan and her team, and know that they were the first ever Luther girl's basketball team to play in such a great tournament.