The voice of LIT??

Ed Robinson is a guy you wouldn’t know unless you attended LIT a while ago.  He was the voice of LIT.  With his unfortunate passing, LIT really hasn't been the same.  It's amazing how much his voice meant to LIT and to me.  Like I said in a previous blog entry, walking down the tunnel into the gym and hearing his voice made me realize I really was at LIT.  He got the crowd into the game.  Luther did the right thing in making game announcing a student run thing, just like everything else in the tournament.  However, I need a classic voice of LIT.  By making game announcing a student run thing, Luther has found a great voice in Colby Burwell.  He has a great, booming, low, distinguished voice that you can't miss while watching a game at LIT.  Even the Saskatchewan Roughriders have put his voice to use on Rider game days.  This is just another thing to look forward to at LIT this year.