A three-pointer on changes at LIT

Back in elementary school, there was no way to find out about LIT other than by word of mouth or by the conventional media. Now, LIT is going through some great changes that will ultimately make it a much bigger event.

Change #1: A fully functioning website that is extremely user friendly.  Even someone as inept as me can use this website. The website contains so many cool features. The first thing one notices when loading www.lit.ca is a photo of packed stands at a Luther Lions game. Is there a better first image for such a tournament? It provides a very accurate vision of what a great atmosphere LIT really is. Next, one sees all of the recent postings. This allows one to be completely up to date on what is happening at LIT. In becoming a bigger tournament, having an up-to-date website is key. No one likes visiting a website and finding a two-year-old article and scores from 1987. Only someone like me can be that useless. What really draws one's attention is the LIT countdown. As a big fan of the tournament, this gets me excited. Anticipation is a killer sometimes ... 1 day, 13 hours, 56 minute, 53 seconds ... 1 day, 13 hours, 56 minutes, 52 seconds ... 1 day, 13 hours, 56 minutes, 51 seconds... (excuse me, sorry about that.) Following the countdown is some more blogs and news articles about events happening this year at LIT such as "LIT Girls' Challenge Cup." or "LIT Diamond Jubilee Ticket Sales". The above aspects would make a GOOD website for LIT. However, Brennen Schmidt takes this website to the NEXT LEVEL with photos, videos, the LIT draw for this year, team descriptions, an introduction of the special guest, records set at LIT, a history section and a description of all the different awards that LIT gives out at the closing ceremonies. Oh yeah, just a side note: There's also live broadcasting in HD. So in case you went to Australia or live in Germany, no worries. Brennen has you covered.

Change #2: Some buddies and former teammates of mine — Tanner Goetz, Paddy Foley and Ethan Kummerfield — have put a great business idea to action. They are utilizing their computer skills and making highlight tapes for high school students who are interested in going on to post-secondary athletics. This allows a student to have multiple highlight tapes to send to universities/colleges. Ultimately, athletes wil be able to attend the university/ college that best suits them. I strongly suggest players participating in LIT utilize these guys. They are nice people and they know their stuff.  For more information about them, you can contact them via Twitter at . Or, if that doesn't work, find me at LIT and I'll be sure you find them. It shouldn’t be hard to find me. Just look for the guy holding a box of pizza.

Change #3: Lastly, I hear through the grapevine that North Pole Hoops might be making its way to LIT this year. Although this is purely a rumour, it is huge that North Pole Hoops could be showing interest, because that gives LIT national exposure. For those who don't know what North Pole Hoops is, it is a group that is interested in the top-of-the-line basketball players and teams. They rank teams and players in Canada. Surprisingly, at 5-foot-6 and 218 pounds, I wasn’t on the list. This year, LIT is lucky to have some of the finest basketball players and teams. Making the list for top Canadian teams are Kelvin at #10, Bishop Grandin at #21 and Riffel at #25. Some of the finest players in Canada at LIT this year include John Hegwood Jr. from Bishop Grandin at #16 and Joey De Ciman from the LeBoldus Golden Suns at #24. I can assure everyone attending LIT that there are plenty of future post-secondary basketball players/ athletes who have not been mentioned. This is their time to shine